Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sunny Days, Sweeping the Haze Away

Good stuff today
  1. Beautiful weather. I took the opportunity to make my errands to the other building in the afternoons this week. It gets me out of my post lunch funk and I can soak up some glorious sun.
  2. My nearest cube mate has started bringing me a tangerine every afternoon in the hopes of encouraging my healthful diet. Thanks Raj!
  3. I made a deal with another book club person to get in a 15 min BodyRev workout today. We've both been slacking. Independently, we both chose the legs segment and totally thrashed ourselves. But we did it. I managed to cram it in before wine tasting, but I started sweating so badly I had to take a quick shower which meant I had to run half the way there which has cardio benefits.
  4. Ben and Jerry's was uncharacteristically open after tuesday's class. I got a little strawberry sugar cone to offset the cardio benefits. Free cone day is coming up on April 17, which is the official start of spring in Boston, I'm pretty sure.


Janet W. said...

You two sweating fools had a third member of your gang ... and my rear end is letting me know today! I'm off to hike away that lactic acid (a word prior to BR I had never heard before) :)

What's on today's agenda? And CONGRATULATIONS!!

CrankyOtter said...

I'm going to start with cardio today as I feel better if I sweat a lot and abs/arms doesn't make me do that and I just did legs. I might also try some running in the neighborhood if I don't work too late.