Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lazy Earth Day

I managed to get out and about with a local friend and her youngins yesterday. We took in a local Earth Day gathering. It was a mishmash of tents offering advice, pamphlets, demos, etc... for sustainable living things like solar panels and public garden space. Some booths had things for kids to do, like paint with veggies. My friends kids really like veggies, so we had to watch closely that they didn't eat the painted ones. There wasn't as much food at this shindig as we thought, so we got an enormous bag of kettlecorn and called it lunch. There was a stage at either end. One for showing off animals, and one for performances. It was all pretty low key. I liked the lizard lady the best. She was excellent at both dealing with her exotic animals and dealing with the public of all ages.

I need to get the car washed today, and put stuff on my new closet shelves, go for a run, and make some pancakes. I should be able to fit this stuff into the next 7 hours. I slept in a bit after re-reading Jennifer Crusie's "Charlie All Night" over the last couple days. It's a charming little tale that I enjoy. One character also makes the point that we can't just ignore bad laws - we have to follow the laws we have and work to overturn any that really are no good. Otherwise we're not all held to the same standards. I like this notion. In theory anyway.

So, three good things:
  1. Spent a mellow day in the park with friend and her kids and petted a king snake.
  2. Comfort read was good
  3. Pancakes. I love pancake brunch on Sundays.


Lemon Stand said...

Pancakes are an any time of day food! Especially with strawberries!

Anonymous said...

I gave the kids kettlecorn again for dinner - is that bad? It's a vegetable, right?

I'm having flashbacks of the singing Sweaty Green Frog in the psychedelic tee.


CrankyOtter said...

LS: The pancakes were excellent after I figured out the timing. I used some Trader Joes dried blueberries I'd rehydrated in Sheri's rye and a bit of milk and they worked really well. Then I tossed some mango on top. Yum.

Kara: Yeah, that event was a little odd. One of those things where everyone is trying just a little too hard. At least sweaty kermit could juggle on a unicycle to make up for the lack of singing voice. Did you dig out the classic rock when you got home or stay with the 3 Doors Down?

Update: Need to run tomorrow. I decided to rebuild half the new shelves because they weren't quite right. And it took a while longer and a good deal more swearing than I expected. But they are done now and partially filled which has cleared up the patio quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean you don't need anymore rye??? Since you still have some left??


Anonymous said...

glad the patio is doing well. shelves are a wonderful thing. have you but out your beautiful bench yet? when you do, please take and post a pic. Love, Sis