Thursday, April 5, 2007

Not so cranky otters

I'm going to try my first Yo.uTub.e connector today. You'll see why.
  1. These otters aren't cranky

  1. Work paid for lunch today. There were 4 of us that didn't want the pre-selected coffee and rum dessert, and they brought us some very tasty spumoni instead. Then we got shirts with the corporate logo.
  2. Yesterday I got to eat dinner with other people. My new friend warned me that she'd be bringing the kids, but that's ok. She makes sure they're well behaved and, really, I like eating out with other people, even if they're leetl. My tape measure was the hit toy for the evening, until they got to play with the decorative fountain.


Anonymous said...

If you like that, you should check out this site.


CrankyOtter said...

I do pop in on that every so often. It was good to be reminded at Easter tho.