Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Vino Risus

In wine, Laughter. Frogurt format

Good: Much good wine and laughter tonight. I can recommend a wine class taught by B. Allan Geddes.
Bad: All wine from grapes grown in Malibu
Good: Don't have to spend extra to find this out
Bad: Also don't much care for most French wines. Apparently they want them to smell like barnyards.
Good: Sometimes the bad smelling wines still taste good, especially after eating meat, and our instructor has been bringing some tasty foods.
Bad: Sometimes they don't
Good: Bad wines are more fun to critique! Tonight's favorites:
  • wet floorboards in the camp shower
  • smells of medicinal port that kicks like a mule
  • this is a chardonnay? But it's good! Tastes like movie popcorn (me) or Tastes like brie in a bottle! (John)

Bad: Last wine class. Was starting to bond with classmates
Good: Might have a bonus Spanish wine class or further get together
Bad: Don't know when it is
Good: I have nothing scheduled that would interfere
Bad: I have nothing scheduled that would interfere

Actually, I do have stuff on the calendar. But it's all substantial stuff, not regular things to occupy my time. My parents are coming to visit after a stop in San Fran for a conference next weekend. Maybe they'll be happy decorating my patio. I need to talk to the glass studio manager about setting up some regular blowing times and that'll help with the "unscheduled" feeling. Also I've got two trips to Boston for friends' weddings, and one trip to Florida (Hi Aunt MaryAnn!) coming up in May, June, and August, and a friend is visiting from the north country in June.

And I'm looking forward to a kitchen remodel this summer. My architect says she'll have plans for my kitchen after her classes finish for the quarter. She's got a Hahvahd Masters degree and 5 yrs professional experience and I like her work, so I don't worry about her being a student. Plus, she chose my excellent green that matches the blog. At lunch today, I checked out a colleagues half assembled IKEA cabinets of the same design I want and they look good. And only require semi-conscious labor. Now to get that dratted sofa...

17 wines tonight. Actually dumped out a couple - did I mention that Malibu wines are NOT good? But we had that fantastic chardonnay, a light champagne to top the evening off, and good times, good times.

Edited to add: my Grandma S turned 86 today. Normally it would be really bad for me to not send a card on time as she is very punctual about these things, but her mind is a little loose these days so I'm hoping I can squeak in with a belated greeting. Probably not going to cut it, but I did get to see her in September. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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