Friday, April 6, 2007

Darts of Pleasure

Things making me smile today:
  1. Listening to the Fratellis, staring at Franz Ferdinand titles.
  2. In the words of a friend:
    It sounds like things are working out well for you except for missing your friends back East. At least you are warm and they are freezing their butts off.
    Amen, sister. I'm packing up my picnic basket for a day at the beach tomorrow.
  3. After giving up on reading a truly horrendous romance by an author I usually like I was pleasantly surprised to find another regency/historical (I'm in the mood for those) and so far it's charming. The heroine has a rather modern sense of medical care but I'm not going to quibble. Here's hoping the book stays good.
  4. I went running yesterday for about the 2nd time since the fall of 2005. I didn't die, my feet don't hurt. My knees are ok.
  5. Dried Bing cherries from Trader Joes. And their store brand "Irish Breakfast" tea. It's the only decent substitute for the Twinings and it's about 1/5 the price. Although I do wonder if the caffeine content is different and helping cause these afternoon energy crashes... must investigate.
  6. Aerobed will likely honor my warranty even though I can't find the receipt for the life of me. The will accept a credit card receipt. Whew! Target couldn't re-create one. I had a weak seam that got leaky on me. My previous one lasted for 3.5 years of regular use so I wasn't expecting trouble.
  7. My brother got a new car and got a huge ding in the windshield at 62 miles. Now I'm not the only one with a huge hunk out of the windshield of a new car. Ok. So that last one's a little mean.
  8. I got some tasty chocolate easter bunny from a colleague today. It was too big for even her to eat and she's the biggest chocoholic I know. Another friend got a chocolate egg in the mail and it made her smile.


Janet W. said...

Smiling friends and eggs -- no initials, no hints :)?

Hope your day by the beach was GREAT!!!

Wade said...

Dried Bing cherries? Interesting! I must visit a Trader Joe's the next time I am out Cali way, since Rae keeps raving about it, and now you mention it. :)