Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Warm White

I've been a little stalled on the Condo upgrades. One, my architect is a PhD student and tres busy and I think I'm the last project on her list. So while I've made some choices for the kitchen and bath, I need to get her professional opinion before placing orders. I haven't been thinking about the bedroom at all. I've been shopping for a couch and space planning the living room mostly. The computer desk is the kicker, but I think I've got a solution that works, even if I have to build a new desk myself. Maybe dad can visit and help.

I think the general stalling is because of deferred decisions, as are most of my procrastinational tendencies. I chose a great accent color (an orange called "Arizona Desert" that matches the tile), my architect chose a great "punch up the energy in the cave" color (same bright green as the blog), and the "warm white" I picked to go between them looks great on paper scraps but is just too yellow on the walls.

I think that my dissatisfaction led to stalling because I found it hard to admit that the color is wrong, wrong, wrong because it was a fair amount of work to get it up, and now all the bookshelves are in front of the walls. Then I wasted time soliciting the advice of all and sundry to validate my feelings of wrongness. I even had a lady at the designer sofa store insist on picking out a better white and I think it's spot on. I've just got to suck up the fact that this white really is the wrong one and do it again. There's a reason that Benjamin Moore paints has 240 colors of "white" on display. I did manage to get a sample of the sofa lady's choice (Seashell) at the paint store down the street on saturday, so that's progress.

The other deferred decision is the couch. I think the Hamra leather sofa with left hand chaise from IKEA is the best choice. The seats are comfortable, the size is right, the back is relatively high and it's tailored well. It's about $200 more than I'd hoped to spend, but not unreasonable for a major piece. I don't love the Jetson's legs on it, but they're ok. It would be nice if it were an inch or two higher so maybe I can get straight brushed nickel or tapered wood replacement legs. The big decision is whether to get the cream color or the orange and to actually lay out the cash. I LOVE orange. But again, this is the wrong orange. I can always get orange accent pillows. Once I actually get the dang couch.

- - - TV interrupted me with something that MUST be addressed - - -

I'm sorry, but is NOT allowed to use "I'm a Punk Rocker, yes I am" to market their cars. They might not be my grandmother's C.adi.llac, but they are not punk rock, unless they have been utterly beaten up, shag carpeted... I take it back. is NOT punk rock, even with 40 Ramones bumper stickers and torn fishnet seat covers.

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Lemon Stand said...

I have similar issues with my living room paint. Will be doing THAT room over again soon.

As for Punk and Cadillac... ????? too funny!