Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Diving deep

After checking out another blogger who is trying to record the good stuff, I'm going to try her tactic and take bad things and find the good for my daily three. Here's my attempt to spin period cramps, lonliness, and stinky stuff into something positive.

  1. Drugs. Ibuprofen is my miracle friend today. I hadn't realized how much so until my dose wore off in the middle of a meeting that rambled on forever. Ten people presented their updates in 45 minutes. The last guy? 18 minutes. And then we still had to wait for the manager's summary. I had massive cramps hit about 10 minutes into the meeting. I didn't leave to go deal with it because we were screaming through the agenda and looked to be done ahead of time. Not so much. If being pregnant is as distracting as cramps are, I have a lot more respect for my pregnant colleagues standing up to the plate, because I was distracted as heck. At any rate, despite all my other allergies, I'm extra fortunate not to have any known allergies to drugs, or family history that precludes me taking the pill.
  2. A colleague invited me to lunch today, which was nice, and welcome. Usually we just go out on thursdays as a group. I ate lunch with friends almost every day at my last job, so lunch here is more lonely and used for running errands, usually, except for today.
  3. Someone put on lip gloss at a meeting today and I could smell it. It smelled awful, but my sniffer was working after a week out of commission.


Lemon Stand said...

BRAVO! Now you just need to imagine having the power to give the longwinded gentleman the experience of cramps... might I suggest old sushi?

Anonymous said...

Dr told me there was only 2 cures for that - pills or pregnancy.

I can tell you both work :)

Glad your sinus' are finally feeling better.