Monday, February 19, 2007

Hey Ladies!

I had a good holiday weekend, even if it was short because don't get monday off. Can't really complain though as I'm taking vaca next weekend.
  1. I got to hang with my "twin" this weekend in a spa hotel her work paid for. I met my "twin" when our book club went awry and decided to get fit. We worked out for a year, posting our efforts and encouragements online, then went to a fitness camp run by Navy SEALs. Good stuff. I can drop and give you five. Usually. Anyway, we didn't really personally connect online but after she picked me up at the airport to go to camp, we started finishing each other's sentences, and saying "really, me too!" a lot. (I think I already posted this. Oh well). I met her actual brother this weekend too. He recommended flax seed for boosting omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. I'll have to check that out as I don't like fish much, nor the mercury we've allowed to pollute our fish.

  2. On saturday afternoon during some down time, someone from our online book club called up somewhat randomly to tell me about a booksigning in my town for Robert Crais next month, I found out I was vacationing in her town. So we all three went to dinner and had a nice chat.

  3. I took my BodyRev and actually worked out. Did the legs and a kludged version of bootcamp, if you're checking up on me :) Our patio overlooking the duck pond, lemon tree, and edge of golf course was just the right size for "move, move, kick-in-the-door" and my cardio mix on my iPod helped make me bouncy. The exercise helped enable the beer consumption. Had a fine hefeweizen at the Yard House in Palm Desert.

  4. Fambly: Talked to both grandmas; they're doing well but snowed in. My brother had a record sales day this week and it happened while his boss and his boss's boss were there; good work with good visibility. Whoo hoo! Mom and Dad seem to be doing fine (with no lingering peanut butter illness) but need more sleep. Did I inherit a refusal to get sensible sleep?

  5. Got a call from a friend who is working on life goals. We traveled together in Greece a few years ago after she left our day job to travel the world. She's been stuck in a rut recently and finally figured out a path forward. I'm much relieved for her because she has been unhappy and unable to fix it. And I'm hoping she finds a place she likes so I can come visit.

  6. I LOVE my Mazda 3. I had a fun chunk of driving today. Me, a little blue h.onda hatchback with a wonky merc.edes sticker on the back window and a big, white N.issan truck cut a fine path through the holiday traffic. Not racing, just easing on down the road together, a bit faster than everyone else. Yes, I am that driver you love to hate. Zoom Zoom! (Next post is rules for the road.)


Anonymous said...

So what do you think of going to Europe early next May???? I know people to visit and places to stay but I'd like to make a couple of side stops and it's always more fun with a friend.

Glad you had a good holiday even if it was short.


Wade said...

Ladies?!?!? I ain't no lady!!! ;)

Seriously, I'm glad you had a good weekend; mine was awesome too. In fact, it was so good, I hated coming back to work even more. Thank goodness it's Friday again!

CrankyOtter said...

Isn't it nice to have a weekend (or any chunk of time) here and there where you look at it and think of it and know it is good? Lucky you!