Sunday, February 25, 2007

Double Plus Good

What could be better than a new book by one's favorite author? TWO new books!

Got NYT Bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann's newsletter this week, and good news! Not only is she finished with Force of Nature (*FON), her 11th installment in the SE.ALs/ Troubleshooters series, but she's having fun cranking out yet another novella which should be out a mere 2 months after FON. The best piece of speculation from the board IMHO is that this will be Jules' story. Here's hoping.

The only problem is that FON doesn't come out until August, if the current publishing schedule holds. Which is a nice birthday present, but I'd like it NOW, please! I just hope it gets decent billing this year. I think H.arry P.otter #7 is coming out in July which throws the bookselling industry into an absolute tizzy. Must love Ms. for making reading popular again.

Off to D.isneyl.and tomorrow! Wish me luck.

* FON - my former use of this acronym was for an Econ class for "Friends of Owen and Noemi". We had a group of friends who would meet and discuss issues of trying to live sustainably, and what does that even mean anyway. It came out that some of us (namely Noemi and Owen) were practiced in the voodoo of economics and the rest of us weren't but needed to be. So when O & N got a teaching gig, they'd try out their lesson plans on us early in the week and teach the real thing a couple days later. And that is how I took Economics without ever having it grace a transcript. I had been looking back at how I'd spent my evening time w.r.t. continuing ed and noticed a gap. Nope. That was the volunteer year...

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