Saturday, February 3, 2007

Someone else is smarter than me

I just saw these Flower Urinals on "I Want That" on HGTV. Super cool!

Also, why the abhorence of urinals in private homes? Women everywhere bitch and moan about seat up vs seat down, the yellow sprinkles around the rim, floor, etc that they didn't put there, so why not put in a urinal? My mom, while watching a design show during her visit, made the comment that men and women were not meant to share bathrooms. I think the biggest problem is toilet hygiene. My dad is 6'2" - the toilet is low, there's gonna be splatter. Then I saw a bathroom remodel on tv the other day where the wife went on and on about the things I just mentioned, but absolutely refused to put a "hideous" urinal in "her" perfect new bathroom. But she put in a bidet. WTF???

I have been to Europe several times and there are often bidets in hotel bathrooms. Yet I've never figured out a way to use a bidet that didn't gross me out in the extreme because it always seems like nasty things would splatter in/on the nozzles and be hard to clean. I do have one friend who likes hers, but they seem to baffle Americans, at least this American. If I ever do a bathroom remodel in a bathroom bigger than I have now, especially if I'm living with a guy, we're getting a urinal and that's that. It will save fights over the toilet seat which will only need to be down. It will reduce gross yellow splatters because it can be set at a reasonable height. It will save on flushing water. (Do they make urinals with willie rinsers? That could be a fun feature) And if I find a guy to share a bathroom with who has a lot of savings, we can even go with the floral urinal, or something more manly if he objects, and if it winds up looking hideous, we put it behind manly saloon doors :)


Anonymous said...

You find the wackiest things :)

Unless something chg's btwn now and the end of April - parents home - what are you doing in July??


Wade said...

The private urinal is a pretty good idea, and would lead to more harmony in a marriage or other such relationship.

CrankyOtter said...

Did I mention that I used to live at the House of 10 Dumb Guys? I got money off the rent for any housework over the 2 required hours. Was ELATED when they ripped out the downstairs bathroom as it had started bad and gotten to the point where it couldn't be cleaned (it was panelled in dark brown in the 70s). But I would absolutely have voted for a urinal.

And now there's a company that sells little "targets" (stickers, soccer balls on a string, etc...) that you put in the urinal to encourage good aim. In a trial at a major airport, putting a sticker of a fly in the urinal cut cleaning by 80%. I'm not sure how they calculated that number, but regardless of accuracy, it means there wasn't as much escaped yellow to go around. And that is a good thing.