Friday, October 19, 2007

Veggie Burger with Bacon

One of my co-workers ordered this sandwich from Fud.ruck.ers yesterday during our group outing. The non-veggie-tolerant folk would start to look horrified when he said "veggie burger" until he tacked on "with Bacon", and the dichotomy made everyone giggle. Another co-worker went all out to make a salad from the condiment bar, and I had a little burger and chips with vinyl cheese to dip them in. And since we paid individually, I stuck with water instead of iced tea or soda.

Since I'm fighting those start of winter blahs, and it seems everyone else is too, here's more funny stuff - I added a friend's new blog "New Door Knobs" to my sidebar; Check out the funny shopping trip.

Hrm. Trying to come up with more funny and failing. I hope next week is less blah.

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit to feeling better about the blahs knowing I'm not the only one suffering from them.

But.. 2, 4 day weeks in a row... UGH!!!! One hour left until bedtime,, YIPPPPPPEEEEE