Sunday, October 7, 2007

Party on, Wayne

I took a day off on Friday to jump up to San Fransisco and help out with a friend's charity golf event, along with one other book club friend. It was a huge party in Napa and I got to wear a staff shirt. It was a good time and the golfers seemed mostly to like it, even though it rained for a couple of holes. The rest of the day was sunny and brilliant and chilly - I have charmingly chapped cheeks. My time was mostly spent taking money for a fundraising raffle at the registration tables, guarding the raffle items, moving silent auction items, moving tables, wiping tables off, driving beer around on a golf cart and suchlike. I did get some time when I just mingled and tried wine, and schmoozed with guests. It's very different work from what I usually do.

Oh, and the keyboardist from the blues band left me his number. Sweet. Too bad I'm not a local. Maybe he plays down in LA sometime.

Saturday I got my hair cut because I've found a decent hair dresser in San Fran, something I haven't yet found close to home. Then had some lunch with friends, and saw the Blue Angels fly. Their opening moves took them over the Golden Gate while we were driving across it. That part of the drive was super quick, but once we got to the Embarcadero, it took a hour and a half to go maybe 3 miles. One reason why I love sunroofs is that you can participate in what is going on outdoors even when you're trapped in a car. Later on, we had 4 of us and found a nice bar where we whiled away the lazy day until it was time for fleet week fireworks, which were sent up only a couple piers away from our hotel.

I flew home over lunch and left the NorCal ladies to their own devices. It was fun to have a girls-on-the-town weekend. Upon reflection, I think I talked more in the last 4 days than I have in the last 4 weeks. I really, really need to find a dinner companion who I can chat with so it doesn't all come out in one unstoppable flow. A vendor took me to lunch on thursday and it's a miracle I was able to eat around all my jabber. Well, this is getting incoherent, so I'm going to head to bed. Back to my regularly scheduled life tomorrow.


janet w said...

Party on Dudette!

San Francisco was charmed by your presence and you do NOT natter on ... I saw and heard equal opportunity gabfesting :)

As always, mi NorCal es su NorCal: come back soon!

Anonymous said...

you got to drive the golf cart?? I'm jealous. Will you be posting pics (of everything, not just the golfcart)....