Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hocus Focus

I read a blog entry from Hermetic this week (see sidebar) that made me remember why I started this blog. I could go on about the things I don't do well or things I screwed up, or situations that aren't pleasing to me, just in this week. And I will a little bit. A tool of mine has been down on and off for most of the week to the point where the general manager (my boss's boss's boss who reports to the CEO) is asking about it more than once a day. I didn't attend to my down tool fast enough when it came back up thinking someone else was on it - but I own it so I should have been more on top of it and not 'multi' tasking. I didn't really exercise, I slept wonky hours, I didn't pick up my stuff and stepped on a glass ornament making it explode over a several square foot area. But I really don't need help remembering . I can steep in that any old time.

While I plan to learn from my mistakes (maybe after making them again :) I felt genuine joy today that I would like to remember more. I don't mean to gloss over or ignore the suck - and I try to work it in if it's something that's lingering. I really am not Pollyanna. But given the choice to record fleeting joy or fleeting funk, I'm making the conscious decision to focus on the good stuff more often than not. Kind of like practicing something in advance so it doesn't feel weird when it's time to do it for real, I want to be able to find good things everywhere, even if I'd rather not not answer this incoming phone call from work right now. (Stupid tool ate 2 more wafers.)

At any rate, enough of that:
  1. I needed to update my boss on my projects, so I put the stuff in power point and we went over it and all my projects made progress and are on track. And the "incidental" followup got a positive reaction too. We discussed the timing of my projects determining one is fast and then another one faster, but she went back and revised the "fast" due date recognizing that "faster" has the higher priority. She's so positive and reasonable, I feel better after I talk to her.
  2. I sold most of my pumpkins.
  3. While I need another book like a hole in the head, I got my free copy of JC/BM's "Don't Look Down" in the mail today.
  4. The colleague who mother hens me about eating right and exercising thought I was looking trimmer despite the lack of exercise. I'm trying not to overeat, but with limited success. I got some free pie today.
  5. Once I get packed and sleep a bit, I have 8 hours of work then I'm off to the bay area for a long weekend.


farmwifetwo said...

Enjoy your holiday!!

It's Thanksgiving here this weekend. Feels a week early.

Guess I should accomplish something today since the boys decided they wanted to go to school. Cancelled buses.. and they want to go to school...

As long as they are having fun :)


Wade said...

Glad I was able to remind you of your focus. ;)

I don't normally bitch too much in my LJ, but sometimes I have to get it out.

CrankyOtter said...

FW2: I love thanksgiving. I'm headed to Austin for ours this year. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. I had a nice long weekend in SF.

Wade: yeah, sometimes it gets to me too. It's not fun finding out that other people don't think you're fully fabulous, even if they find you mostly so.

trudy said...

Free pie....It doesn't get much better than that