Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Books

Suzanne Brockmann's book "All Through the Night" is coming out tomorrow, 30Oct07. All the author's profits are going to support the Mass Equality Education Fund. Mass Equality works to get and keep equal rights, particularly same sex marriage, for the citizens of Massachusetts. It's a good charity. Hopefully other states will see the sky not falling and follow suit.

The book itself is an "extended epilogue" to Force of Nature, as Suz describes it. Centering around Jules and Robin, two men in love who want to get married, it highlights many old series friends and shows them living their happily ever afters, or not so HEAs. I don't think there's any "on screen" sex, unlike most romance novels, so that it doesn't gross out the gay or the straight readers who aren't so interested in the other side's details. It focuses on relationships and feelings between friends and lovers, and issues around those things, most of all. It should be very fun.

I feel strongly about supporting equal rights for adults to choose a spouse, so you might wind up with a copy of this book, even if you don't read. Cheers!

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