Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Logic Puzzles

I can do a great job with logic puzzles like Sudouku and figuring out whether the guy in the green jacket and blue tie is to the right or left of the lady in the lemon dress. But the problems I need some work on are "if I don't do the laundry tonight, I won't have clean pants this weekend," or "I need to exercise or I will get fat. I need space for exercise, so I need to get the ornaments off the floor or I will get fat." Even "If I get enough sleep at night, I might not be exhausted after work." See, I can say it, but doing it is something else entirely. It's much easier to pencil in a 5.

And actually, I'm doing laundry and wrapping up glass so I don't destroy it when I exercise, or even walk around. I picked up my book fair books too. I'm just taking this break to print out the address for another pumpkin customer and marvel at my ability to get in my own way. I plan to be in bed by midnight which gives me approximately 7 hours of sleep and 40 minutes of snoozing. This, instead of last night's plan which was sleep from 8pm to 1:30am, box up glass for shipping, read a bit, and sleep from 5-7 and snooze just long enough to be late to work. gah!

But I've got another fitness goal - Run (maybe run/walk) a 10K on the Summer Solstice. In Alaska. You heard it here first. Or maybe second. And if I want to do this (I do) I need to run more, and I need to be strong. So, I'm clearing out my exercise space. And selling pumpkins. And doing laundry for a long weekend in NorCal so I don't stink out my friends.

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