Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat

Colleagues came to the rescue in the party photo arena. I snatched the pictures of the fun food to share here. Longer account is in going green.

First, my favorite fruit salad, Demon Eyeballs!
Halloween Party Food, lychees stuffed with cherries

Less scary, but the winning food, ghostly meatloaf
Halloween Party Food, meatloaf frosted with mashed potatoes

My sister's fingers! (I went as a green witch)
Halloween Party Food, green breadsticks with almond fingernails

And the hardest thing to actually dig into...
Kitty Litter Cake!
Halloween Party Food, animal crackers, tootsie rolls, and german chocolate but looks like cat poop

Enjoy, enjoy!


Beki said...

Did they judge by taste or how scary/creepy/creative it was? I just wondered because the meatloaf is cute but the other foods are more creepy and creative in my opinion. That litter box would be hard to dig into---it was scary just thinking about eating it! : )

I think you did great with the demon eyeballs and witches fingers---I could eat the fingers but not sure about the eyeballs. Shiver.

CrankyOtter said...

voting was just tossing the name of the item in a bowl, so the criteria was anyone's guess. The meatloaf was tasty so that's probably why it won. I voted for the kitty litter, and all pictured items had at least one vote.

As to the eyeballs, when I serve them up as lychees, people say "ooooh, they look like eyeballs". Ironically, when I serve them as eyeballs, people are more willing to try them. They're a very floral flavor and scent with a crisp but chewy texture. I love them. Longans and rambutans too.