Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Noodley Goodness

I was too much of a wet noodle yesterday to post my daily list of good things, so I'll try to squeak it in this morning.
  • Yoga! I rather like doing yoga, but for a long time the *cough* gym I belong to *cough* hasn't offered enough yoga classes at reasonable hours. Apparently they've started offering more, later classes since the last time I checked the schedule. I desperately needed it last night and went to a very nice class. Like most yoga classes, one could modify it to one's own fitness level so the same or similar poses could be done with more or less strength. And thank cow for that because I was the fat kid in the class yesterday.

    It was my first yoga class since having nose surgery and the first one where I could mostly breathe through my nose without having to break for panting through my mouth. Kinda more refreshing that way. Also, my feet have been feeling better so I was able to do it without tennis shoes on for the first time in a couple years. Also good. But for something where you're just standing and breathing, it worked my muscles like nobody's business. I came home and just sat on the couch, kind of shaking. But it felt good because I've been tight like a drum and being so loose was a huge relief.

  • Rain! It started raining yesterday for the first time in 3 or 4 months. People in my little valley seemed to deal with it ok and not get into accidents on our stretch of freeway. The first rain of the season washes away all kinds of crud that's been building up, and nearly every gurgling stream of water I saw racing around the place was foamy with bubbles. I'm not sure that's good, but I'm going to call it good that it washed away. (Surfers - stay out of the ocean for about 3 days, per the SB dept of health.)

  • Noodle Soup! I got some noodle soup at the cheap chinese place for lunch yesterday and it really hit the spot.

A word about the flu shot. I got my flu shot after standing in line for about 30 minutes. Usually I walk up and am the only one or one of two. Maybe a few other people come but there's never been a line in the 4 (!!) years I've been getting flu shots here. There was this year! This was the regular shot, not the "hiney" shot.

[rant] I was kind of surprised by an interview done on NPR this morning talking about whether or not to make flu shots mandatory for health workers. They had, presumably, a nurse on talking about how she never really got sick, so didn't need one. Um, didn't nursing school cover how contagion works? You get innoculated not just to protect yourself, but to prevent being a carrier of deadly disease to your neighbors and clients and friends. True, vaccinations require a huge level of trust. You're getting something shot into your body that could have adverse reactions. You have to trust that the shot you're getting _is_ the vaccine and not something else. But the risk is that the adverse reactions from the injection are minimal weighed against having or transmitting a potentially lethal disease and we know they work better than just about anything to prevent mass deaths. And for a company to package and sell anything other than the vaccine, with the exception of benign saline, would be so cost prohibitive as to be vanishingly unlikely. It's a coverup that would leak out faster than fast in this age of twitter. (We do, however, need to have enforced regulations about cleanliness and quality.) I understand skepticism, but not foolishness from those who should know better. If you're going to go all paranoid about vaccines, choose a slant that might actually be probable. [/rant]

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Up My Mind said...

I haven't gotten the flu shot in years, but don't work in a field where I get all that much exposure. And don't have too many kids around.

But I'm reconsidering for this year since I've been mildly sick (not the flu!) and 2 of my coworkers have college age kids that have gotten the flu and/or H1N1. (Only one of them actually tested & confirmed for it, the other just suspected. Not getting the test.)

Our schools have been having triple the number of kids out sick for this time of year. So whether is Influenza A or H1N1, it's bad here this year. One district even closed for a week.