Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Make a Positive more Positive

Every so often I remember to check out the blog Already Pretty. (Yes it's in my sidebar, but I don't have time to check it as often as she updates it.) It's posted by a woman named Sal who talks fashion in body positive talk and accessible concepts. I hit it up again tonight and was thunderstruck by this post of a few days ago:

Already Pretty's Reversals of language

It's about spinning (my recurrent theme) your descriptive relationship with clothes in a positive way. Such a simple thing but I don't know that I've ever thought of it this way before. Read the entry and you'll see just how powerful and positive it can be to say, instead of:

- choker necklaces look really good on me
- my neck was made to showcase choker style necklaces

instead of;

- bootleg jeans are really slimming on me
- my legs make magic with bootleg jeans

It might be a little thing, but for all the times we see body negative messaging in a day, we need a little positive to fill in the way we speak of, and then think of ourselves. And what a fun trick this is. Just make sure to use this power for good.

And if you're really feeling the power, comment with 2 spins you make on your own showcasing your own fabulousness. (I really do rock the choker and the bootlegs. Those are mine. My rack also highlights the greatness of the crossed v-neck.
top showcasing neckline
I'm snapping up all of those I can find before the neckline goes dormant for the next 20 years.) I think this should become an internet meme. Certainly it reminds me why I like to read other people's blogs.

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CrankyOtter said...

Best response from email of this topic:
"my legs are too good for those ugly skinny jeans."
Comes from the best dressed lady in the office who could easily double as a supermodel. One would think she'd look fantastic in skinny jeans but apparently one would be wrong.