Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will You Won't You?

I tried to find something in my purse tonight and failed. I tried to find something at Lowe's and they've discontinued it. However, they do have a sink that would suit me better (with one center hole and 1 dishwasher air-gap hole on the side and a half inch shallower) than the one I just bought and installed and way more options on faucets than they had even 2 weeks ago. So I'm going to try and replace my sink. I'll do the plumbing myself, thank you very much.

In the meantime, I spent about 2 hours sorting through all my home improvement receipts and paperwork and everything in my purse, and my other recent purse that didn't get completely unloaded. It was a disaster. Now it is better. I don't know why I put off organizing so long when it makes me so relieved to have it done. It must be regulated by the same section of my brain that motivates exercise.

What's been pushed out during my kitchen reno aside from paper sorting: I've waffled for weeks about going up to San Fran for a long weekend this weekend.

Pro: I get to hang with some fun friends.
Con: I'm already getting 2 weeks off starting next wednesday and this is extra vaca days.
Pro: but I don't have plans until the new year (family coming for Rose parade - dad, did you get the tickets yet or should I?) so it would feel really crummy to spend the holiday alone when the opportunity to hang with people is *so close*
Con: I have crucial experiments going on at work with results coming in this week
Pro: I might not be able to do the followup experiments anyway as we don't like to muck up the equipment just before holidays if we're expecting any production to get through on the last day or two.
Con: Too late to buy really cheap flights
Pro: Gas prices have sunk to 1998 levels so I can drive it for less than a hundred dollars
Con: I'm feeling a tad ill, so I'm hoping it doesn't become full blown sickly
Pro: I have sudafed and tylenol.
Con: I didn't want to ask for the time off at the last minute and I thought I'd glimpsed someone's name on the common calendar asking for the time off so I wasn't sure I'd get it.
Pro: Turns out that was my name on the calendar, from months ago, saying "tentative". So my boss was expecting it and I don't have to get all weird about asking 2 days in advance.

Conclusion? I'm going to San Fran. I'll be driving up thursday morning because I just can't get everything done in time to leave wednesday night. I have to mail some christmas gifts, get some charity gifts, pack, unpack all my glass supplies from the back of the car (taking out 50 pounds of stuff helps gas mileage), and... post pictures of the kitchen. Although, I might just do a lot of that during my christmas downtime.

new countertops with sink

This is the sink I want to replace and move the faucet to the new bathroom sink. There are now doors and such on the cabinets, and it looks great but you'll have to take my word for it until I can upload the newer pictures. Probably not before SanFran tho. Sorry, folks!


Amy in sunny CA said...

SAN FRANCISCO!! I wish I could join you (hmmm, methinks I've been saying that ALOT)!

We finally got SNOW and as soon as my snowbound son makes it home on Friday from Outdoor Ed (ironically the same mts. we are going to) . . . we are heading up the mt!

Enjoy the vacation!


gail said...

Yay You!!!

So glad you decided to go to San Fran --- you need the down time --- honestly that's prolly why you are feeling a little shakey on the pins right now.

I love the kitchen --- not surprised you are already making plans to reno the reno tho ... 8-)

Did you happen to catch my Christmas pics on The BB?? I can't tell you how many hands have been slapped away from that bowl of ornaments on the table --- woman --- if you had the time to make a thousand I could find you takers!

Merry Christmas!