Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Long Lunches

I'm needing to work extra late several days this week because I took a long lunch to order counters yesterday. A long lunch for counter measurment and allergy shots today. Then tomorrow I have a followup with the ENT to discuss surgery on the schnoz innards and thursday I *might* have a test at the urologist if the insurance gets straightened out. It'll be interesting.

In the meantime, I got some answers from the countertop guy. I have to raise my cabinets up a half inch for my window cutout. The countertops will be 1.5" thick. I'll go with the double rounded front (not the ogee) because they have to subcontract the ogee but do the double round themselves. This saves me about $300 in finishing costs, so I'm not super broken up about not taking my first choice. This finish edge will be totally fine.

However, he needs to come back to template the place after the counters are actually installed. This may be an additional cost, but it'll come out of the edge savings so whatever. I basically need to have the kitchen in final form by sunday night. He's coming back monday. If there's anything still left to do by then, I won't get my countertops, but I should be ok. He was confident that his company honors their timetables. Whew! And I have that decision made about the bar-stud-pony-wall placement and even sleeping on it, it feels like the right decision. Whew!

Still and all, I hope cookies are good for ulcers because I think I'm going to have one before this is over!

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Anonymous said...

ogee is over-rated, it looks stylie until you need to scrape dry crumbs off the counter and they get hung up. Is double rounded bullnose?