Friday, December 12, 2008

I Can Has Countertops

I'll post the gritty details in the next post. I'm impatiently waiting for the pictures to upload to photobucket.

This is what the countertops look like as the installer is packing up. I'm happy. So far 2 people have walked in and said "nice granite counters!" and yet they're laminate so I can drop stuff on them and not break my (likely handmade) stuff.

S from New Door Knobs suggested a video to get a better sense of the space. So here you are. Me and the jitters and the new countertops. Wilsonart "Milano Quartz". Joy!


azteclady said...

Huge kitchen envy!

And even bigger congrats on the remodel.

S said...

Awesome! They look fabulous. As do the cabinets they're sitting on.

And thanks for the video, because now I finally get a sense of how you've redone the layout. Much as I loved putting all that shelf paper in the shallow large cupboard you used to have, I'm glad to see it seems to be gone.

Good luck getting ready for tomorrow's party.

CrankyOtter said...

I was thinking about you when I ripped out the shelf paper. It had a nearly 2 year run, so it served it's purpose! Thanks again for that.