Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookie Party

Yay! Cookie Party happened. Cabinet boy deserves HUGE thanks. He came over this morning to help me CLEAN. Can you believe it? I need ideas for thanks (massage is on the list). But thanks to his help the project got done, and the place was clean and clear enough to have people over for foodmaking. We really worked well together, I think. We only got a little snippy once in a while, but wow. Seriously, I'll post some pictures once my head stops spinning.

Just wanted to let y'all know that it came together in time. After powering through a 5# bag of flour and 3# of butter and a container of sugar, I now have these kinds of cookies:
  • sugar cookies rolled in decorative colored bits
  • Chocolate Hotties - triple chocolate with chili powder
  • chocodoodles
  • coconut macaroons
  • cranberry-cherry-pistachio biscotti
  • chocolate chip
  • oatmeal cranberry pecan
  • oatmeal butterscotch
  • persimmon
I'm going to make them into gift bags for coworkers and the countertop guys. And eat some. And put away the mixing bowls in the corner cabinet with the lazy susan, instead of on the open shelf where they had previously been exiled due to no adequate space.


azteclady said...

Yay on the cookie party's success!

And I wanna see how it all looks *puppy eyes* pretty please?

Anonymous said...

me haz cookie envy.

We spent 5 hours at the Medford airport due to snow and a flat tire on the plane, I'd much rather have been scarfing down cookie goodness at your house!