Monday, December 8, 2008

Template, Check

Whew! The countertop templater came out and didn't raise a fuss about anything. Only asked about the filler next to the dishwasher and I said I'd put something in. Which I will, but it was not on the critical path for templating. We discussed the counter layback - we're going with my idea and I'm excited about it. It doesn't have to get done before the party so if I can't figure it on friday night or saturday morning before the faucet goes in, faucet rejiggering will be the only extra work needed.

It did cost an extra $150 to have him come out twice. But I didn't know enough about countertop manufacture to know what could or couldn't be done before. I think it was worth it because having him there for the rough draft allowed the final version to be better. I also asked for clarification on why he suggested I cut out notches from the top supports for the sink cabinet. I showed him the clips and mentioned how they bend into place. Then he pointed out that you still tighten them with a screwdriver and the notches are for the scredriver, not the clips. All is now clear. It will be done.

The bar will seat 3 comfortably and look good too. It's 13" deep which is what the previous bar was. I liked it well enough without the edge that stuck into my walkway and narrowed it to 2.3 feet. That and the grotty grout was bad too. And the old (meaning damaged and grungy) epoxy painted wood edges, blech. I'll have a 3' opening below the counter edges and 3' less 2" at the counter height. There's heapo plenty room to move the fridge out or other appliances should that ever be necessary. And someone in a wheelchair could get in and out. Might not be able to reach the sink, but that can be retrofit, right?

Lastly, the small pony wall wraparound was a little warped (2"x3"s were inherently funky even after cherry picking) but I managed, in the half hour between getting home and the templater showing up, to re-settle it with a shim so it's level and straight. Was a lot faster and easier than I expected it to be and now I don't have to worry about it, like I do the rest of these things.

Punch list before countertops:
  • Figure out the filler between corner cabinet and dishwasher and install it squared and leveled.
  • Make sure the electrical conduit is secured in place.
  • Figure out endcap of small pony wall (probably not drywall).
  • See if there's a fire retardant, thin something I can use inside the small pony wall next to the dishwasher (optional).
  • Add drywall, patch, texturize, prime.
  • Check one last time that the devil counter between the stove and fridge is square and level.
  • Locate and cut out notches on sink base cabinet.
  • Cut out hole(s) for dishwasher water lines and prime around them.
  • Install plates for affixing the top front panels of the sink cabinet.
Punch list post countertops:
  • Attach new drains and faucet to kitchen sink. See about new rubber gasket for garbage disposal.
  • Install kitchen sink with source and drain hookup.
  • Attach garbage disposal and dishwasher.
  • Attach doors to all lower cabinets and pantry.
  • Cut, adhere and grout floor tile.
  • Paint drywall of pony wall.
  • Install toe-kicks
  • Install edging around exposed edges of cabinets that aren't perfectly flush.
  • Confirm all upper cabinets are level.
  • Figure out the range hood.
  • Prime upper wall behind the stove. Rearrange pot hooks.
  • Put all my stuff where it now goes. Because it has a place!
  • Vacuum, wipe, and scrub drywall dust off of everything I own.
So. Friday. I'll have countertops. For the record, or if you're browsing your local store and want to check a swatch/chip, I'm going with Wilsonart's Milano Quartz with a minimally textured finish 4726-52. Runners up were Sandy Topaz, Milano Amber, and the orange DeepStar Mineral (which I figured was too taste specific, but if the first 4 were unavailable, I'd have used it). Milano Quartz laminate. It'll be grand.

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S said...

I am so looking forward to seeing photos (or video!) of how this all works out. Glad to hear you got so much done over the weekend, and good luck with those punch lists. Does this mean you'll be hooking up the kitchen sink right before your cookie party starts?