Saturday, March 22, 2008

Magic Eraser

I've been really busy this week and wanted to blog many times but fell asleep before I got to it. Work was crazy insane and then one of my best friends came over. But even best friends deserve a clean shower.

I have been trying and trying like crazy to get the soap scum off my shower. I've used ox.ycl.ean, some arm&hammer soap scum remover, clorox, cascade, and more elbow grease than I wanted and all I got for my troubles was some streaky soap scum that looked cleaner in places. I was digging through an alarming pile of sponges (somehow I buy sponges and stash them all over and forget about them) and ran across a couple Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. The box said they were good for soap scum. Holy Cow! Magic Erasers are FANTASTIC on soap scum. With very little elbow grease, I consumed an entire eraser getting the soap scum out of my shower. But it came out! Yay! I was able to let her use the shower!

Other quick update, pictures in later post, maybe tomorrow.
  • The new cabinet is UP. Thanks to neighbor for hefting and electrician for putting in special microwave outlet.
  • I got half a day off on friday to pick up my friend and the weather is fanastic and the traffic not bad.
  • I had another nail in a tire (I blame work), but the guys at Mr. Tire just replaced it with a used one until I get my new tires in.
  • Headed to a Dersh party. Should be fun.


farmwifetwo said...

Will have to try it. Closest I've come is "scrub free" but it doesn't work 100%

janet w said...

What is a Dersch party? I am TOTALLY going to try that Mr. Clean soap scum bar ~ thanks for sharing Erika!