Monday, March 10, 2008

Ho-Dar, and Obama Opinions

So I'm watching late night comedy central news and thinking, $4300/hour? How can I get in on that gig? The older I get, the less problem I see with people paying money for sex. For the most part, men are paying, women are getting paid. So restricting it is pretty much preventing women from getting fair market value for their resources, yes?

Speaking of getting nailed. So many of the people getting nailed by the law these days for lying about doing something wrong. Well duh! You ask them if they did it, it's almost always better for them to say they didn't, at least at first. And is it even illegal to lie to the FBI? I thought that unless you swore to tell the truth, you were under no compulsion to do so, and even then you ought to have 5th amendment protections against incriminating yourself. So someone does something wrong and then lies about it, I don't want them punished for the lie. I want them punished for doing something wrong. (If that wrong thing is a form of lie called "fraud", that's ok to prosecute for.) Because I really don't care about who lies about getting caught. What I care about are people who make a habit of persecuting people for things they themselves are guilty of. These are the people should be slaughtered in the forum of public opinion, and then punished legally/socially/physically with a little bit more than the average sentence they inflicted on someone else. And if they broke an absurd law, work to change the law.

Speaking of the law, here are some people who are more eloquent than I about why I like Barack Obama, even if blogger's spell check still doesn't recognize the name.
Obama's Quality of Leadership; Hillary is more of the same
Obama brings to bear a deep understanding of the world
Admitted Snark: Hillary's Experience
And finally, Since I'm being frank here, and well, everywhere, I've been meaning to post this rant for a week or so. Someone on the book club mentioned it to me, in the snide tone of "how can you support all those democrats who voted for the Iraq war?" And my answer is I don't. And they didn't vote for the war so much as they spinelessly voted to abdicate their constitutional responsibility to declare war by saying "well, we don't want to decide, so we'll let George do it, we trust him to exhaust all rational options first," and then voted to give the executive branch their clearly delineated power. "Well, we thought there was good cause..." Bullshit. There wasn't good cause then. I knew it. And Barack knew it. And he didn't vote to throw his rights and responsibilities away. You can revisit that speech here, now.
In their own words, with comments, to Iraq or no.
Scroll past the book ad to "Iraq the Vote".

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