Thursday, January 3, 2008

Windsurfing on Mt. Boney

Dave had a top ten list titled "Things that dound dirty, but aren't" which, years later I still remember, included "Shaking hands with Abraham Lincoln" and "Windsurfing on Mt. Baldy". Given my love of adolescent humor and South Park, you won't be surprised to learn that the list popped back in my head during the hike up Mt. Boney (aka Sandstone Peak) with my co-workers. I managed to refrain from chanting it, mostly because I was out of breath, not because I have good impulse control.

And because it was a gorgeous day for a hike. All the locals say January is the best time for hiking in SoCal - cool enough to clear the sweat and no snakes. It was very windy, which meant the air was clear and the view was spectacular. We could see the mountains over in Pasadena and the Harbor Islands. My colleague shared these pictures she took (Photo credit to D.B.) and I figured I'd share so you can see where I live and work. And Lake Sherwood and Golf Course where Tiger holds his charity golf tournament.

The winding road visible here is the way we came up. The view is of the north end of Malibu and the Pacific ocean.
View of windy road up to Mt. Boney

The path was really quite nice for the most part. I'd expected it to be washed out or muddy, but it was dry and solid. A little gravelly in some areas, and not really on any abrupt cliff edges. Maybe I'll go back and see if it's still there after we get a week of heavy rain.
View of hiking path to Mt. Boney

This is a good shot of the local topography, aimed to Pasadena in the distance.
View of valley to East from Mt. Boney

Moving around to the left counter-clockwise, or anti-clockwise if you prefer, we see the lake of luxury. Big houses over there. And horse farms.
View of Lake Sherwood from Mt. Boney

Continuing the counter clockise swing, we took in the view of where we work as if we were gods looking down from Mt. Olympus. Or rather middle aged people trying to sort out our place from Am.gen. To the far right on this picture where it looks industrial.
View of work from Mt. Boney

Doing a 180 and seeing the ocean is one of the perks.
View of ocean from on top of Mt. Boney

Did I mention it was windy=/WIN-dee/ (whereas the road was windy=/WINE-dee/)? I normally don't show faces, but these guys mostly all had sunglasses so here goes.
Wind blowing at colleagues on Mt. Boney(Naturally, one of these people announced today that she's pregnant. It's not my fault, I swear!)

That's where I live and work. And some of the people I work with. Doesn't suck.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, who'd you knock up this time? I am a little afraid to see you on the 20th, somehow I'll end up with the first concurrent pregnancy. Delivering the first in April, 9 months after meeting Sheri at your fertility center, oops I mean house. The second delivery 9 months after Jan 20th.

I hope the other ladies know to wear contraceptive foam and/or double up on their pills and not look you directly in the eye when we get together.

PS ~ fabulous photos of hiking, I hope you go back after the *flood of 2008* and see what it looks like.