Sunday, January 13, 2008

All Natural

So the fridge thing is going well, but the rest of me has been low energy. I mustered enough to go out yesterday and get some paint samples for next weekend (almost there, maybe if I mix it with white) and get my hair done (the roots were long and not flattering).

Normally when I get my color done, my head burns a bit. This time, my head burnt a lot. I was trying yet another shop with my "free cut with color" coupon. This time it was upscale place using a well known brand. When my head felt a little more icy-hot than usual, I asked about the product and heard those words I've come to dread, "Ave.da's 97% natural". Please, just take me back to the days of dumping a chemistry set on my head, it's safer; I'm allergic to plants. She went on to say how a lot of people who are sensitive to other chemicals like their product which contains mints like rosemary and whatnot. Well, the mint explains the icy-hot sensation.

I wonder if and when will people learn that 100%, or even 97%, natural does not mean safe. Arsenic is natural. Asprin is natural. Caffeine is natural. Poisonous mushrooms (aprox 90% are toxic to humans) are natural. Scotch Bonnet peppers are natural, but I wouldn't rub them in my eyes. It felt like she was brushing them on my scalp.

When I started squirming in my seat, I let her know that I might not last the whole treatment and she thought that was weird. She did have the owner come over to check on me. By the time she had all the roots covered, I was on FIRE. I tried to tough it out because I'm dumb like that. And my roots were looking drab and I didn't want to have to do this again. After a while, the heat receded a bit. I read my book and she set the timer for the minimum time. It hurt less and less and I was distracted by my old favorite Crusie, "Welcome to Temptation".

I toughed it out the whole 40 minutes and got a nice shampoo, although the mix of chemicals was nearly asphyxiating, and an OK cut and blowdry. I learned that "the Rock" works out at Golds gym and likes to be called "Duane" now. All in all not bad for fitting myself into a last minute cancellation slot. And the color is decent but not exciting.

The rest may be TMI, so stop here if you don't need the punchline. I tend to pull at my hair when I read. I don't know why and so far I haven't denuded my eyebrows so I haven't worried about it. But last night, my head was itchy. When I want to scratch it, I found scabs. Apparently the chemicals burned through my scalp shallowly enough that I mostly got plasma scabs, but there are at least a half dozen of them. I hate nature.


Up My Mind said...

Ouch! That really bites. I stay away from Av.eda because of the fragrance. Bothers my allergies to the point my nose & eyes are itchy and I get a migraine.

Most "natural" shampoos, etc, do that to me. Guess I'm less allergic to the fake stuff. ;)

That's pretty scary stuff, to burn like that. I'd call and let the hairdresser know so the next time someone starts with the same reaction, they'll know to rinse immediately!

CrankyOtter said...

I see I'm not the only one who thrives on the old "better living through chemistry" versions.

On one hand, the color stays in and doesn't dye my shower. On the other hand, it eats holes in my scalp. I'm going to have to go back to the Red.ken lady. She was expensive, but awesome. Or Janet's lady in San Fran, but that just sounds over the top. But really, can I afford bad hair days in LA? Not so much.