Sunday, January 6, 2008

Shopping Spree

There's a reason that I don't entertain myself by going to the mall. I don't window shop well... I buy stuff. Like so.
crap I bought on sale

The damage here was done in a matter of 2 hours.
1 dress, 1 pr. Lucky jeans, 1 shiny top, 1 semi-shiny top, 1 mesh shell, green gym shower shoes, lazy comfort shoes, work shoes, heels, 3 purses for 3 color palates, 6 bottles of foaming hand soap (also great for cleaning glasses), variety travel soaps, and some extra socks. I'm actually pretty excited because I got all of it for 50-80% off thanks to end of year sales. I need to go back for some "clubbing/date" tops as I'm getting tired of the couple I have that I like.

I also tried to buy a new dining room table - but despite being a featured item in the advertisement, the national chain was completely sold out of the $300 3-in-1 dining, poker, bumper pool table. Drat! I have a nice little gate leg table, but I need stuff that will provide entertainment and not require talking about feelings. Like pool. I don't have enough space for a real pool table or the desire to keep a spare poker table top in storage. But this would have worked for the price of a regular table.

None of this holds a candle to the biggest purchase of the day, however. I finally bought my real grown adult fridge! No more dorm fridge! And the best thing? I got my french door, freezer on the bottom style without blowing my budget!
best fridge
It comes on tuesday. I was prepared to settle for a freezer on the bottom, generic top. But I went out today to price appliances, and the sales lady pointed me at this one and laughed out loud at the delight on my face when I realized I could afford the fridge I wanted. It's a close out and several hundred dollars cheaper than all other similar ones. The freezer configuration is tolerable (some of them are not), but it would be $600-$1000 more to get the freezer I want, so I'm more than happy with this one. I love this fridge. It makes me happy.

I also found my new stove, also a beauty, but am going to wait on a sale for it. We only have electric here (no hassle with earthquakes and gas lines that way), so I'm getting a flat surface stove and a double oven that has the pizza/cookie oven at the top and a big oven on bottom. This way I can bake without feeling like I'm heating up the whole house for food for one. (Or hopefully two...)
double oven white free standing stove I'm going to save $200 by going for the smaller windows - the only difference I can find between this and the next version up. I won't be getting convection as it's waaaay out of my price range and I could get it in a microwave for lots less. Still debating the freestanding microwave vs the over the stove version. I have visions of pouring freshly microwaved hot liquid down my chest with the overhead version, but it would look nicer. So debating potential pain with beauty. We'll figure out later what wins.

So that's what happens when I shop. I don't just shop, I BUY. I'm happy though I spent grandma's christmas money on the small stuff. I needed another pair of jeans, a dress, and a "new color" (in this case bronze) to wear as I'm getting tired of my current staple colors. And they finally started making heels right again, so I had to get some. Yay!

What did everyone else spend their Christmahanakwanzika dough on?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting the fridge of your dreams for such a great price! I know how long you've been waiting for that.

Anonymous said...

shopping porn! Oh sweet mystery of life I've found you.... How about some more deets on the bronze-y wrap top in the middle? It'll look fab with a pair of dark trouser jeans and those heels on the far left in your photo.

The rain had me succumb to the siren's call of the mall as well and I bought a snazzy going out outfit too. Mine is a light green sleeveless dress with a peter-pan collar and smocking on the bodice with light pink embroidered flowers on the smocking and matching light green diaper cover/bloomers.


CrankyOtter said...

I am so psyched about the fridge I can't even tell you. I took some before pictures of the current situation. Oh, to have frozen foods again! And a vegetable crisper that didn't start life as a tupperware shoe box. I called my brother and he nearly passed out with joy for me. He LOVES his french door fridge. "I use it every day, I love it every day, and people who don't have one don't even realize how much they really hate their fridge and I wish they could share my joy" he says. Whee!

I'm hoping the smocked thing with bloomers is for your upcoming kid and not you. Unless the big belly means that the bloomers look sexy on you for some reason :)

The bronze thingy was $19 on sale at Coldwater Creek. I was a little leery of shopping there for spicier stuff, but this is borderline work/going out shirt. I think it could go either way, and yeah, it totally rocks with the heels. I actually got a whole outfit, somewhat unwittingly, with the jeans, socks, shirt. And the purple lump in the bottom right is a dress from Lucky jeans that the sales girls both coveted and shows of my tattoo.

Just because I don't shop often doesn't mean I don't like to...

Trudy said...

I am coveting all of your purchases...the fridge actually gave me the vapors!!!!

Love, love, love the purses!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! Congrats on the fridge. A serious NEED. Stove looks lovely too. Great colors on the clothes.

Love, Sis

Quark said...