Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh Holy Light

The fridge is brightly shining! It is the light of the new fridge I own.
Brand new white Trio open to see the light burst forth in splendid glory

Long lay the food, the little fridge confining
Old fridge in the corner dangling with hotpads

Brought this from Sea.rs and my soul felt its worth.
New fridge with magnets

A thrill of hope, the food inside rejoices
dorm fridge filled with food

For yonder breaks, a new and glorious home
Adult fridge with same food


Trudy said...

It is so beautiful......not only laid out well, but CLEAN, too

Junior said...

Concatulations on your new refrigerator! Meowm says she was nervous when she first bought a washer and dryer because repairing them can be expensive, but she loves them now!

Anonymous said...

"Joy to the world, the fridge is come; let E receive her appliance."

It looks perfect. Just like that spot was meant to hold a real refrigerator. :-)

CrankyOtter said...

I once bought a used fridge for cheap. I took it to newdoorknobs's garage, pulled all the panels off, washed it with TSP, reassembled it, made sure all the seals were clean, and ran it for a couple of years until it died. I bought a new fridge to replace it - new from a scratch and dent store - and my electric bill dropped $10/month. Which would have been enough to pay for a new fridge had I just bought one to begin with. So I'm a big fan of the new fridge vs. used, which, as an added bonus is very, very clean :)

junior, I hope your mom has not had to repair her washer and dryer. Probably cheaper to buy used ones from craigs list than new anyway.

It is nice to have a real fridge with a real freezer.

Quark said...

No fair! You can stick magnets on your fridge!