Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Looking Down on Creation

While I haven't finished the living room paint applicating process as yet, I decided that I had free time tonight. The bills are paid, the paint is acquired, the laundry is done, and my diva tool is working after a minor brain pan remodel yesterday. I did a brief surf before leaving work and read my buddy's review of the movie Juno. I know several people who have mentioned that they liked it. It's up for best picture and best actress so clearly other people thought it had some merit. But my buddy liked the music (and everyone is pregnant why not film characters?) so I had to go. He was right. The music is awesome. I hope it wins for best picture, best actress and best musical score. I even got to use my free movie pass, so it was good all around.

If anyone ever wondered what kind of music I like, it's the stuff in Juno and other random and quirky alt rock and folk. I liked that the music wasn't just in the background and I could hear the words. I liked that the star of the flick wasn't a guy. I liked the semi-idealized version of teenage pregnancy where her family and friends are decent, sarcastic folk who support her choices. (I love Allison Janney from her West Wing days, and here too.) Having just spent a week agonizing over the ultimately gratuitous collage of my design ideas, I was a little in awe of whomever decorated the girls rooms and lockers. (Movie bedrooms are always more cool than mine.) Even though I passed it up earlier, I think I have to pick up that Carpenter's tribute album. (It would look good in my room.)

Driving back was fun because there were no impediments to my going the speed I wanted to, aside from some residual wet on the road. (I heard a sound last night that I couldn't place and it turned out to be rain on the flue, hence the wet.) Plus I've recently found out I can double my coasting time on the way home by popping into neutral at the "Civic Arts Plaza 1/2 mile" sign, hitting the turn, making sure the road is clear, gunning it up the hill, then coasting the bactrian route. With the lack of traffic, I got to do the full coast while listening to one of my mix tapes (because the radio just wasn't cutting it after the magic of the Juno soundtrack).

I've been writing down all sorts of things to blog about, but this is what you get. I miss going to concerts with friends and music like this. I'm sure there are some out here. I should look harder for them. And actually go.

In case you couldn't tell from the context, the 3 happy things today are:
  • my diva tool - it lives, it lives!
  • I figured out what kind of musical concerts I should be looking for
  • I enhanced my pop culture relevance and saw a charming movie which I thoroughly enjoyed.
  • The local scenery and topography was particularly breathtaking today.
Why do I find it easier to spell thoroughly than laundry (laundary looks right to me) or restaraunt, restraunt, restaurant?


Anonymous said...

Major Juno envy. I loved Michael Cera from Arrested Development and that was only further cemented in Superbad and Ellen Page has gotten rave reviews...seems very refreshing in this time of young Hollywood's cesspool of characters.


Quark said...

Dude! When they pulled out the Carpenters tribute album, I nudged the friend next to me and squealed, "I have that album!"

(I don't know if it's on that album, but Shonen Knife's cover of "Top of the World" is one of my favorite songs ever.)

Also, Sarah M. mentioned that the music from the opening of Juno was a song from her childhood that she had long forgot and was glad to be reunited with it.

Totally must remember to find the soundtrack...

Quark said...

By the way, regarding my post, I have since learned that the book "Everything is Illuminated" is even better than the film (which I loved), so now I have to read the book. I think the quote I heard was "It's hard to explain to people that they removed the best third of the book and still made a fantastic movie!"

In case you were looking for something to read...