Thursday, July 5, 2007

Smooth Sailing

I've made it back home with all my bags and my car. The vacation was lovely, the weather was perfect, the friends were all friendly and available, the food was tasty, the flights were smooth, the roads were clear. That was just about the most perfect week ever. It was smooth enough so that I'm wondering what disaster is looming in the near future. But for now, I'm just going to be very, very thankful for such a fine week. Not to mention grateful. I'm not really used to things working out so smoothly - it makes me a little nervous. It could be that I used up all the angst in the prep work so that the karma is still balanced.

The trip worked out like this. For all you blog readers who claimed you'd enjoy reading a list I wrote, here's your chance to find out.
  • Thursday: Wake up at 1am, panic for a while, get bills paid, pack, go to work, fly to Boston.
  • Friday: Arrive in Boston, have dinner with friends, nap on couch, have lunch with work friends, go shopping.
  • Saturday: Get cool haircut, have brunch with friends, go to friends' wedding with friends.
  • Sunday: Go hiking with friends, have lunch, help friend's husband unpack U-Haul, go for beer and burger after.
  • Monday: Sleep in late, meet for late lunch with friends, close Boston bank account, get drinks from Diesel in Davis, go to acupuncture, veg out for the evening, have dinner with host friend, watch "Stranger than Fiction." (Thumbs up)
  • Tuesday: Get up earlyish, pick up friend and head to Sandwich, meet more friends and feed pirrahna like trout at hatchery, have lobster roll for lunch, practice juggling, give rides in the hybrid with the motor off, check out a glass shop, head to Provincetown, take in the scenery, see the Gold Dust Orhphan's drag queen theater show, head back and make it in record time.
  • Wednesday: Pack, meet with friends and see their now very large 2yr old and his frisbee "hats/caps", meet with other friends on their daughter's first birthday, see their new pooch, mooch some excellent bacon wrapped steak, and head for the airport. Fly back on a mostly empty plane, sleep across three seats for a few hours, check out the country from above, watch the streetlights flicker into existence, the fireworks start to flare up, and get home with no fuss. Unpack, watch Firefly episodes 2 and 3, and get to bed.

It was a lovely vacation. It was a little strange because it felt more like vacationing at home than it ever did to go back to my parent's house. But it was still vacation and not how I would live daily life there. And I'm still happy I moved here, although it was so comfortable to hang out with my Boston friends that I know I will miss them all over again.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great holiday.


Anonymous said...

I logged in under my other email addy and found it. I admit to being nosier than is good for me.

Now that's done and I've satisfied my curiousity and the fact I cannot resist a's a personality flaw I admit to... "time to return to our previously scheduled program"...

Have an great time this weekend at the trade show.