Sunday, July 22, 2007

Burn, Baby Burn

Actually, I'm a little surprised at how not lobstered I am. Definitely red tinged. My left arm is probably the most fried and it's mostly just deep pink. I'm not sure why neither my feet nor legs seem at all burned while my arms, shoulders, upper back and the edge of my hairline are showing signs of being over done. They were all exposed to direct sun for the same amount of time and my legs had the sketchiest sunscreen application. I have a notion that the water sucks some heat out of a potential burn and did spend a fair amount of time in the pool both swimming and floating. It went a little something like this.

floating otter

It's possible that I could still develop more burn, but after being out by or in the pool for 2.5 hours yesterday and 5 hours today I've got more color and it isn't all red. Despite layers of sunscreen, I could feel the heat in my skin while out at the pool above and beyond the 90*F day. When I came in today, it seemed prudent to shower fast while I could still tolerate a towel on my back. Yet Fast forward to 4 hours later and I'm still ok. Perhaps the tylenol and spray benzocaine (topical anesthetic) have lulled me into a false sense of security, but I seem to have timed the sun exposure to just the border of too much.

There were just enough people at the pool to distract from the reading today. I enjoyed meeting more of my neighbors. I also spent a fair amount of time yesterday with "The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes", which I quite enjoyed, meaning I've only got through about 300 pages of Harry Potter. So I need to avoid spoilers for just a little while longer. But so far so good. I've read just far enough to find out that Hermione's reluctant patronus is an otter. Go otters!

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