Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It gets worse before it gets better

I went to the dermatologist today. What I learned is that almost any skin condition can be cured with a blast of LN2, otherwise known as liquid nitrogen. It's something like their big hammer that makes many skin issues resemble nails. Got some flaky skin? LN2! Got a wart? LN2! Got a lump of scar tissue? LN2! The "worse before better" part is that anything you hit with the liquid nitrogen will then blister like a 2nd degree burn. Funnily enough their other trick is to actually burn things with a miniature, pin-sized arc welder which has the added advantage of cauterizing.

Luckily I have a home remedy for blisters and none of my particular skin issues are pre-cancerous, just ugly. Since I had 2 lumps of scar tissue, a flaky bit of skin and a red bump, I now have 4 band-aids over cotton balls soaked in a blend of wintergreen alcohol and witch hazel placed strategically about. And if I need to repeat the LN2 treatment I just have to devise a targeting mechanism and go behind my sputter tool for a short while. Ok, that's not clean so I wouldn't. But still, now that I know the process I'm pretty sure I can do it myself with over the counter stuff you use to freeze gum out of carpets. For the record, a damp cotton ball coated with salt worn overnight on a wart will eventually make it go away. It will also salt the bejezus out of your bedsheets for a month or two - some home remedies have downsides like that.

Well, I need to upload some pictures from the lovely wedding since I mentioned I'd do it last night. And no "I'll do that after I watch the last disc of "Firefly" either because we know how that turned out: lots of Firefly, no uploading.


R&R said...

LOL...the image of you scooting around to self-administer advanced skin care at're too funny! Dr. Scholl's has an over the counter wart treatment...a handy little purse-sized container of liquid nitrogen & disposable applicators. Warning reads not to use on anything but warts...ah, rules are for suckers, right? I used it on one nasty scar and it worked. *shrug* Who knew? : )

CrankyOtter said...

Ooh! Yes, if these scar tissue buds come back I will have to find that Dr. Scholl's kit. Those warnings are for lawsuit purposes only. But I think I'll leave the flaky skin near the edge of my glasses frames alone. The doctor "hit it mildly" and the whole area under my eye swelled up a little oddly (it doesn't hurt unless I poke it) and turned dark. It looks a little like I took an elbow to my eye.

Did the nasty scar you fixed blister up like the dickens? Mine don't hurt now thanks to the witch hazel, but they swelled bigger than I expected.