Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bibbidi Bobbidi Bingo

Many a magical happiness update today:
  1. Bakery Songs
    While my favorite bakery is in San Diego, my local Great Harvest does a commendable job of providing my whole grain bread with flax in it. They also have fun, interactive promotions. I got a Bingo card with my last loaf and got 2 spaces marked off: "bread" and "smiling in the bakery". I decided to give some thought to what to "sing in the bakery" and practiced my jazz square and so got 3 squares marked off with today's whole grain loaf and a quick trill of "the thingamabob that does the job is Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo". The staff even joined in! I'm now one scone and one muffin from a free loaf of bread. Oh the suffering I will have to do!

  2. Another date!
    I forgot to check in with my fairy godmother last night and thought I was heading out to meet Cartoon Writer, but wound up with Geek Hiker. Whoops! I would have worn Chacos instead of heels had I paid any attention whatsoever to who it was that I actually agreed to meet for a drink. Again no love at first sight. But like Enormous Man he could give directions, chose some place reasonable, and seemed like a nice fellow. I haven't really been seeking out engineers, particularly EEs as I've had a fair run at that subcategory and well, they're geeks. Being a geek myself, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I was hoping to find someone to stretch the horizons a bit. And GH might do that in that I've agreed to meet up for a hike sometime soon. He likes hiking, I like hiking when I have someone along for the company. And I want a companion just in case I get bit by a rattlesnake.

  3. My Qual Passed!
    I'm trying to make a process change at work. My previous parts that went through the reliability testing failed for reasons unrelated to my qual and I had to do it all over again. I just have a couple more steps to do and then I can implement a change that will save about enough to cover my salary. And do it in time for reviews.

  4. I finished Harry Potter 7 (no spoilers)
    I had about 20% of the book to go when I lost consciousness very late on Sunday night. I tried to finish after my date, but a glass of wine and a damn fine mojito turned me into a pumpkin right at midnight with a mere 50 pages left to go. I managed to finish the final tome over my lunch hour today. I'm reasonably satisfied with the resolution; after a couple weeks I might post my thoughts on it. [off scribbling them down now. yes in pencil.] And oddly, I think it helped to stop and digest some of the endgame before hitting the final resolution.
I usually have a post book funk when I devour a book at warp speed. Especially one I've been looking forward to and/or which resolve something in a series. In cases where I can exhibit a modicum of self control, I think I'm going to keep trying to parcel out my reading of any "suspense" type novel over a couple of days, even forcing myself to stop during the final action, to give the story more dwell time. Or hang time for those who prefer sports metaphors. I'm finding that I feel more satisfied when I can force a longer association with the world and characters I've come to care about and enjoy.

Remembering to put "spoiler" in the subject header if you reference anything past page 100, feel free to add your two cents to my comments about Harry Potter. Or about using dates as a snake decoy.


janet w said...

Hey, this date thing is starting to explode for you: wonderful!! I think both of you benefit when you hike together ~ surely he doesn't want to be snake snack either! :)

farmwifetwo said...

Finally... it posted...

Yes.. post your HP in about a week... do you need me to send back the email???

CrankyOtter said...

I have my email set to save copies of things I sent, so no worries. I am using that as the basis for the upcoming post.

I learned my lesson on saving copies when I was looking back through some snail mail letters I'd exchanged with a pen-pal in China during high school. I have *no idea* what sorts of nonsense I told this poor girl. I'm almost glad I didn't save copies of what I'd sent, but the letters would make more sense had I done so.