Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Sky is Falling

After cleaning all those plums off the walk last week, I had to do it again.  I went out yesterday to carve a path through the pulp with my trusty 3-for-$1 paint scraper and removed 151 plums from the sidewalk.  You read that right.  That's a gross (a dozen dozen) plus 7.  Including the one that fell on my back while I was tending to its brethren.  Criminy!

This morning? I counted 13 new plums on the walk.  I went out later to get those off too because they were particularly juicy and I had to haul something in from the car and thought I might be using my wheeled dolly.  The something is a cabinet I bought for my shoes and the unwieldy, oblong flat-pack weighs a ton;  I had more difficulty getting it into the car than many other things I've hauled over the years.  The heavy duty dolly at UPS didn't seem thrilled with it, so I thought my little folding one might not do so well through an obstacle course, or at all, really.   I was lucky and my trainer from the gym (such a sweet guy) helped me carry it - after I got the plum juice off the sidewalk after my workout.   I really thought they'd all be gone by now, or that I'd at least cleared out some reasonable quantity of them.   Next time we have a mild spring with lots of rain, I might need to get a bigger ladder and some fruit picking tools with some reach to them.

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