Friday, March 12, 2010


I found all kinds of great links yesterday. Let me know what you think of these, or if you have suggestions for your favorite new link of the moment -even if it's a fleeting moment. Although it occurs to me that I should just make a facebook page already and spend etime with people I already know and like...

One way to plan out blog ideas a year in advance. I need to do something like this with travel/socializing plans, and I have a lovely new calendar from New Zealand,and already carry around the little notebook, a holdover from vacations spent roaming around Europe before the internets were available for blogging.
Planning a Year
This could actually work for me because I am partial to the same tools and time-based oraganizing.

Here are some crafty things. I have a soft spot in my heart for stuffed felt things: animals, cartoony things. Here are techniques useful to making them.
Cool knot
Felt sewing, whip stitch
Felt sewing, blanket stitch
Felt sewing, choose between whip/blanket stitch

I was inspired by these to make something last night. More specifically, I was inspired by someone who used the felt sea creatures pattern to make valentines. I got so far as digging out some colored foam sheets (felt substitute I had on hand) and some silicone type caulk (figured it'll bond, be clear, dry easily, and not run and it's already open). I haven't made anything yet, but I think I'll get it done tonight.

The thought linkage: My mom's birthday is very near St. Patty's, and I have a gift but no card. The octopus valentine was cute, but maybe a shamrock would be better. I'm having a hard time getting excited about yet another shamrock, but green frogs, they're cute! Then looking up felt frogs, I found tree frogs. *I* like frogs, but my mom likes trees. So maybe I can make a tree instead. Or a frog. Frogs are cute. So, a tree, a frog, or a frog in a tree. I'm going to make one of those and mail off the present. Because what mom wants in her 60s is more handmade romper room cut outs from her kids! Well, I'm going to make it anyway.

Then for some reason, after finding the ikeahacker blog, I'm finding that everyone in the world has made adorable play kitchens for their kids from old cabinetry. It looks like a fun thing to do. Then that led, don't know how, back to trees when I found the suckatlife artist who draws and paints some of my favorite things:
cartoons and scraggly trees.>

I did also do my "homework" and search online for a desk and shelving. Why I can't find paperback book bookshelves is a mytery to me, but it looks like adjustable "media" shelves will work out the best. Although getting rid of some books probably wouldn't hurt either.

So it's not exactly a happiness post, but it's not exactly not because all of these things made me go "squee!" just a little on my first day of staying late at work after the plague. Which I apparently did pass on to my friend. Oops! So if you're sick and stuck at hope, but alert enough to be online, go see if any of those things get you some cuteoverload.


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for that play kitchen link! I've been eyeballing a retro red play kitchen from Pottery barn Kids but it is A)700 bucks! and B)it is rather short...which is fine for my almost 2-year-old but at that price point I want it to last for many many years. Heck, I could buy her her own real appliances off of craigslist for cheaper.

CrankyOtter said...

OMG, once I started seeing play kitchens, they seems to just fall out of the interwebs. People have converted base cabinets from IKEA turned on their sides with plywood added to the back, entertainment centers, etc. and they all wind up looking like fantastic kids kitchens. And IKEA does sell an "all in one" kitchen box for kids play kitchens for roughly no money.

Anonymous said...

I've never even thought of the IKEA hacks, DOH! I think I had blinders on because *I* actually want red retro appliances ala SMEG or Big Chill fridge....though obviously I lean toward SMEG because it is called SMEG!


Junior and Orion said...

Meowm is laughing....she did something similar one year for MOthers Day. She didn't have much money, so she got out her scrap fabric, odd assortment of buttons and such and hand-sewed a card for her Mom. Said Mom still has it hanging on the refrigerator....and meowm was in her 30's when she did this.

CrankyOtter said...

Now that my mom knows I made the fool thing, she might keep it, but I almost made my brother pee telling him how she asked if I got the card from the dollar store. He must've used up 5 cell phone minutes just laughing himself sick.