Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Seedless Solstice

Seedless. I've ranted a bit before about seedless watermelon. Probably the reason I haven't done so more often is that I've been laying off it for a while since I seem to have a slight allergy to it that involves making me feel "off" after eating it and a mild flush to the skin. But I love it and was craving some a few weeks ago, and I got another this weekend in my Great Kitchen Restock trip.

Yet again, the watermelon is seedless. It's sweet enough, but the flavor is not complex or forceful, and the color is a dull and unappealing pinkish orange. I wonder if it's the season, the variety, or the seedlessness. I know some people think that enjoying fruit with seeds in it is like flaming about the awesomeness of dialup from a T1 line, but damn. What the hell is wrong with at least allowing me to choose a fruit with seeds?

And I can probably answer that: given the choice of seedless or flavor, I chose flavor but 80% or so of other people pick seedless. Instead of stocking the same grapes in seedless and seeded, the store will offer 3 varieties of seedless. (And frankly, grapes don't seem to suffer from being seedless except maybe the concords which I still buy with seeds.) And if stores lose money on seeded watermelons, I can't blame them for not offering them. But I do wish they did.

I do wonder how growing up seedless will affect the coming generations, aside from no watermelon seed spitting contests. At least cherries still have pits.

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