Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Known Noses

Whoo hoo! Our little two lady team came in first again at trivia. We got two double or nothings and could have gotten three. Our weakness, sports, was listing losing baseball world series teams. Turns out we knew those. Actually felt like I contributed this week - especially on the picture round! It was people with weird noses. THAT was a picture round I could do. As someone who has issues with my own nose, I notice other people's noses. Double or nothing for 20 points :)

The upside of going to college in New England was seeing just how much worse a nose could be. I actually considered not moving to the LA area because I was worried that the old desire for a nose job would re-emerge. It kind of has, but not in an "I can't think about anything else with this honker in the way" way, but in a "they do know how to do that here, maybe I should consider taking advantage" way. But I think I should take care of my eyes first, although the down economy has me waffling.

I am, however, going to be lasering my toenails tomorrow because they are awful and 3 years of near daily treatment with anything I can try and they're only getting worse. Prescriptions, OTC, herbal, plain ol blach - nothin' doin.

But back to the trivia. The drinking round was flying a paper airplane for distance and we missed it by a nose. It was an overlap into 2nd place. But since we won both the trivia AND the drinks last week, I think it was healthy for us to not quite win that, as the competing teams on the patio let us leave alive.

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Junior and Orion said...

Meowm got a fungus one her toenails. The medicine her foot doctor gave her seems to be helping so far, but more time is needed to see if it will clear all the way up or not. She has been keeping her feet out of tennis shoes and in sandals as much as possible to help the nails stay dry. We hope the lasering works for you.