Saturday, September 19, 2009

Second Run

Living nearish to Hollywood (when compared with, say, Boston), there are plenty of movie theaters around, many of which are quite nice. I hardly ever go. Usually I think "well, I don't want to spend the afternoon in the dark", or "well, I think I'd rather eat dinner", or "meh, maybe I'll go tomorrow". Turns out that movies just cost more to go see than they're worth to me.

I'd given up on finding one, but just tonight, by chance, I found the local second run theater. It's a little ghetto, obviously no stadium seating, but for $3 a flick, I didn't even stiff them on the double feature, which I totally could have. (And had I paid $11 for the show, would have.) I'm thinking my movie viewing rate will pick up dramatically. Plus, it's near the vietnamese place.

I'd been meaning to see "Up!" the animated balloon travel adventure, and then I noticed they also had Extract - by Mike Judge creator of Beavis and Butthead among other things. I'd assumed Up was long gone, but apparently parents take their kids to it at 9:30pm enough to keep it going. And no wonder, it's a ride and a half. Exquisite animations and several cycles of story, and talking dogs! Loved it.

Extract was a little slower, but had beautiful people in it and it was fun. Less dense than Up, if you can believe it, but turned the tables on Office Space and told the tale of the business from the owner's point of view. It's about a chemist who is "living the dream" having built a business from a childhood idea and a solid education, but is at risk of it going under, has a dull home life with his wife, and is thinking about selling when there's an injury accident at work. Good, solid characters, gigolos, thievery, and a didgeridoo sized bong. I think if they package it as a double feature with the blue-ray release of Office Space it could earn some solid cult following. It was only missing Parker Posey.

Got any movies I should put on my list now that I'm able to see them for $3?

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