Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scrabbled Brains

My word recall is heading straight for the express handbasket, so I've pulled out my scrabble set and am practicing. For more entertainment, I found a scrabble word finder and use that to check the other option I come up with something. kind of addicting.

yes, I'm using it to procrastinate uploading pictures. But I did make kitchen progress, finally! Flake boy stopped being flaky for a brief moment of time and lent me his grinder and backyard so I could raise a cloud of dust to rival nearby ash plumes. The tiles, they are clean, the floor has been scraped, and the tiles can be re-laid. whoo!

If you're wondering, I'm actually not close to the current fires. I'm not even seeing any ash in the air. It has been hot and dry and wonderful. It's like having a second week of summer!

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