Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wax On

When I had my glass booth at the fair last friday, the booth two over was a local Karate place. As I understand it, it's part of a chain. They were offering a deal: for $20 I get a uniform, 4 private lessons, and all the group lessons I could make it to for a month.

Now I'm working on getting my $20 worth. I had a private lesson on tuesday where I learned a palm-heel strike and defensive positions 1-4 (2 positions, R & L). It went pretty well. The sensei said I was very strong, but I'm never sure if they mean that or if they just want me to stick with it. A friend assured me that if they didn't think that, then they would say "you need to build up your strength by coming to more lessons" which made sense too.

Today, I felt like, well, let's just say it took 4 Tylenol to feel semi-warmed over. It was a pretty low energy day. But I decided to try out the group class and see how it went. It went pretty well! My only other (non-yoga) martial arts lesson in Aikido was all about falling. Snowboarding lessons are all about falling. Today's lesson was all about falling - and getting back up. I think the universe might be trying to tell me something.

It's also the case that one of the few people I know around town wound up being at the Border's book store over lunch earlier this week, and at the dojo today. Odd. Thrilling. Hopefully this means the universe wants me to be invited to another party.

At any rate, we did a circuit of various things to warm up and get the heart pumping, and I learned more blocks and a kick to get through that. Then fell down a lot. (We'll see how my ass is doing tomorrow.) But I got an enthusiastic qualified "you did very well for your first time", so hey. And I feel better than before I went which is pretty well the whole point. Wax off, all.

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MarciaBC said...

Just don't use the dh's standard comment when others describe something as "strong." "Well, smell isn't everything." Probably not good in a learning situation.