Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I had all sorts of intentions regarding posting pictures of my weekend. There was a rollerskating glassblowing demo that got decended upon by the midnight riders. I have a series of tree photos from one of my hikes showing the seasonal change. I have some more scraggly trees. I don't have photos from my sunday sailing adventure because I wasn't willing to risk a dip in the drink or dropping the camera. Then I came home from sailing and crashed because regulating my body temperature and making vitamin D is exhausting. So all those hours of uploading photos and lovingly crafting them into a blog went all to hell as I slept the day away.

If you need a picture fix, my Vegas travel buddy has posted a good account of our trip. A lot of his pictures look like a lot of my pictures - I was hard pressed to know which were which, so anything I might eventually work up might look a lot like this anyway. Or you can go back to the scraggly tree slideshow.

At any rate, I'm going to be traveling for work tomorrow and for pleasure over the weekend so the update rate here might drop off. (Go look at the pictures! Plus I added "Solano Skipper's Log" to the sidebar - I'll be hanging with her this weekend. If you like pictures, check out her blog!)

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