Monday, June 8, 2009

My Ears are That Big

I read the press article earlier today about the Steven Colbert show's first Iraq broadcast. It mentioned that President Obama would have a small role and he'd get a military buzz cut. Sometimes I get a little disturbed by the Colbert Show's humor. Not tonight. This was worth staying up for and full on funny; my eyes are still leaking. The short bit showed Obama and a general as having a good sense of humor in the name of troop morale. ("Your spy satellites are so good you heard him say I need a haircut?" "No, my ears are that big.") Not to mention, Colbert doesn't look half bad in the new do. I'm sure some cockup will complain tomorrow about how Obama and the General wasted their precious time, but you won't get me to agree. We send the troops to the sandbox, we don't begrudge them an officially sanctioned chuckle now and again.

Same with whatever GOP numbnutz who complained about Obama taking Military 1 to NY for a date with his wife. And the media outlet who thought that complaint made a first page story. Numbnutz probably didn't make the distinction between people who sometimes travel on corporate or military jets for work but not for personal business, and the President who ALWAYS and ONLY travels in the official transport. When he has a free Friday night, he can't just dial up Expedia (DOT! COM!) on his crackberry and book a commuter flight. And what, the man can't show his wife a good time in NY after putting the family through 2 years of long separations, campaigning, and a total lack of privacy for the rest of their lives? If the President can't treat the first lady to a dinner and a Broadway show every now and again (say, once every 5 months or so at the current rate), what good is the gig? All y'all "family values" folks should take a lesson there. If you keep a promise to your wife? That's good family values.

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