Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Know Your Dreams

Thanks to the stars aligning with my remote control, after missing all of the DNC political speeches this week, catching only hideous hunks of the hours and hours of godawful commentary rehashing those speeches, I actually tuned into Obama's speech right when he was trying to settle the crowd. And got to listen to the whole, wonderful thing. That's the Obama I'm voting for. The future forward, restore the American Dream, attacking policy not person, hopeful yet forceful Obama.

This is a man with goals and a mission statement that he lives and breathes. The Freakonomics blog recently did a bit on "internal slogans" that helped guide employees to make the right choice. People think it's a little brown nosed, but I keep a list in my office of our general managers priorities because it helps make decisions clear. The thing I like about Obama over Mc&Bush is that mission statement they guide themselves and their groups by. A lot of people point out how Republicans win by slinging enough mud to drown Democrats who don't shovel enough of it back to get clear. Their mission statement, as I see it played out, is "we want power for ourselves and we will bury anyone who gets in our way". However with the mission statement of "Hope for America to be a moral, lawful beacon full of possibility again", the means are as important as the ends.

But the means have to win in order to get ends! Obama is the first guy I've seen in ages who sidesteps the mud (almost) entirely so he doesn't get trapped in it, thereby allowing him to keep moving forward with means that speak to his ends. Even tonight, when he came out swinging, he clearly delineated the difference between McCain as a person and vet and McCain's record as a senator holding the former up as admirable and the latter up as not. He's the first politician I've seen in ages who not only can but will do this.

Yet I've been worrying. He's been coming across a little off since he beat HRC. I'm fully inclined to blame the "talent" that jumped to his ship in the interim and offered advice that already failed for her and Kerry, even as I acknowledge his culpability in taking their lousy advice. Tonight, though, tonight he stood tall and proud and clearly said who he is and who he is not and why he's the better choice and he sounded again like the orator I feel for at the DNC 4 years ago. And I have hope in my heart for the rest of the election season.

And if you were an HRC supporter and are still waffley after her speech this week, please go read this I've been meaning to say it for a while, but they beat me to it. For that matter, so did she.

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