Thursday, August 28, 2008

Be it Farenheit or Centigrade

I did figure out something about one sleep problem while my dad was here moving around early in the morning. I don't have night sweats, I just had my thermostat set wrong.

Night sweats are similar to hot flashes in that your body randomly gets hot and sweaty, just at night, and you wake up slimy. This has happened to me recently after a history of not having them. I was worried. It turns out I wasn't heating up internally, but with the increase in humidity this year, the condo stays hotter than it did last year, even overnight. I actually use the AC this year to keep the pantry goods from going rancid and to cool the place off at night. Unfortunately, I didn't pay a lot of attention to my thermostat settings, or I did and thought it would be ok to turn off the AC once I fell asleep.

Problem with that is that I sleep with a blanket. I don't sleep well without one, and god forbid you want me to sleep with no covers whatsoever. Whenever I get letters from Amnesty International asking for donations I think about that fact that being stuck in a hellhole prison would be miserable in many ways, but mostly I wouldn't have a blanket. This is how my brain prioritizes sleeping without a blanket on - worse than losing fingernails in filth. The trick with the blanket though, is that the room has to be cool enough that I don't sweat through it. When I let the AC turn off at 4am, I don't wake up, I just get really miserable sleep and wake up sweaty. Unless my dad is here puttering around, in which case I wake up, realize the place has heated up to 80F and I have at least one fixable problem.

I actually planned (I'm learning!) out what times to switch temps at and their setpoints before walking over to the box on the wall to input them and decided it was ok and not wasteful to cool the place off to 72 for the entire night. Maybe the AC kicking on at 11pm will even help me remember to go to bed. Well, not so far. But I have hopes.

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