Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Grief

Don't even get me started on my company's new paid time off policy - they've substituted sick time for vacation time. Since one of my criteria for picking a job was 3 weeks vacation (not including sick time) I'm more than a little bit pissed about losing our vacation time to wellness time. And they say they want us to take it, but don't want us to link it to vacation, so it means we kinda have to take it last minute. So I did.

I didn't sleep well last night, despite or because of drifting in and out of consciousness all afternoon. And my throat was feeling rough. I called in this morning to take a "wellness" day. And it was a good day to do it. I slept until noon, despite the alarm going off from 7-8, then at 10 and at 11 when I finally turned it off. Then I got up, regrouped as my brain felt soupy, showered and dressed and walked to lunch. Then I walked to the allergist, then to the massage at the chiropractor. I did miss a baby shower at work in case I really was getting sick. (I'd picked up a onsie from Scharfenberger in SanFran for baby of the chocoholic mom.)

At any rate, I figured I needed either sleep or exercise and got both. With some sun to boot. And I was feeling a lot better. Until I had my serving of watermelon. I'm allergic to cantaloupe and have been since I was small despite my parents trying to get me to eat it because it's one of the most nutritive foods out there. I don't care because it burns all the way down. But I've always been able to eat watermelon - it's slightly less related to ragweed than cantaloupe is. (And don't give me details about how american cantaloupe is really muskmelon or summat. Common vernacular is cantaloupe and I'm allergic to both.) However, the point is: I was feeling much better today until I came home and had a slab of watermelon.

Now, I'm feeling foggy, my skin is itchy and hot like I've had too much MSG, and I've had to pee about 18 times. Yes, watermelon is a diuretic, but that's crazy. So I'm not sure if it's because I got dosed with allergens today or if it's just this particular seedless red melon. (I've been eating yellow with seeds until this week and prefer the seeded ones. If I get seedless it's usually a mistake.) I wonder if the melon is why I didn't feel good this weekend. If so, it's good that I figured it out. But it looks like I need to go off the sauce for a while. Still this is annoying because watermelon is one of my favorite things. Or it is if it doesn't hurt me. At least there are still raspberries and cherries.

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