Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today's mostly just a rant.  I had a nice time yesterday at a party that I almost punted on due to feeling "meh", and slept most of today. (Eon't know why, really - could be new meds, could be the sick, could be that I was just tired.) Want to update the blog but my brain is stuck on health issues.  Since I probably need the happiness help, I'll give it a try, then rant.

  • My neighbor invited me to a party of someone I'd met through her.  I didn't wind up meeting a date, but I did maybe make a couple of female friends.
  • There was a white elephant gift thing, and I got the "rave toys".  We put on and played with the glowstick jewelry last night.  My fav, though, is the "Wiggle Worm", a yellow rubber tube with widely spaced koosh ball like flaggela.  Inside is a light that turns on when it gets moved around.  It's great.
  • A medical symptom I've been concerned about for two years went away this weekend after my antibiotics were rev'd up a notch.

I've been on antibiotics for nearly two weeks now.  My sinus infection is thinking about maybe sort of finally going away, but it's not gone-gone yet.  The side bonus from ramping up my antibiotics is that something I've been concerned about for two years cleared up this weekend.  I spent about $600 on diagnosing and treating that side condition with no actual diagnosis or relief coming from it.
paraphrased conversation with doc, a specialist in the field:
Me: I have symptom A.
Doc:  That symptom is in the normal range of experience.
Me:  But it's not normal for me and started suddenly a couple weeks ago.
Doc:  it's nothing to worry about
Me:  can you tell me what's causing it?
Doc: it's normal.  don't worry about it.

Finding that it was an antibiotic resistant infection gives me a huge case of the I told you so's, but it also means I've been fighting this infection for TWO YEARS.  Presumably I was in some equilibrium state where it wasn't necessarily overtaking anything else, but I do think it might contribute to my sudden onset of superbad restless leg syndrome a couple years ago.  When you wonder why, when I have medial issues, I try to solve the problem myself and go to doctors as a last resort, this is why;  I have vastly more experience with doctors dismissing my concerns and not helping than with them helping me.

That said, my internal med doc seems to do ok most of the time, when my insurance allows him to.  I've had 4 medicines outright rejected for coverage in the last 6 months.   This means that my doctor, his/her staff, my pharmacist and I all have to scramble to deal with it when I'm sick and in need of meds.  Blue Cross Blue Shield?  I really really resent your policies.  They're horrible.  At least cover a "test" prescription so I can see how the actual drug is supposed to work while I get a chance to work with people on whether or not the substitution is warranted. Don't make me force all these other people to drop everything to help me *right* *now*.  Let me start the treatment and give me time to work it out.


Up My Mind said...

It's so frustrating when docs don't listen to you. I find I do better with female doctors; I'm not as intimidated or they're more open, not sure which.

As to the drugs, it's maddening. Get BCBS to provide you with their formulary, all the levels. Take that with you to your doctor appts. (I keep mine in the car so I don't forget it.) It's helped me tremendously.

That's how my doc finaly got me on a nasal spray and migraine meds that I can afford. No more $60 for 9 migraine pills. And considering my migraines lately are eating up 5or 6 pills per migraine, it's mighty expensive!

farmwifetwo said...

I don't have a drug plan, it's all out of pocket... including $316 worth of hormones for 6wks... surgery is Wed. I saw the internal med guy at my pre-op, will discuss him with my family Dr and probably see him in the spring... time to deal with this borderline bp problem. Truth is, since the little one was born I've never felt "right".

We went to one of hubby's "do's" Xmas parties last night and took the kids. The little one wanted a game and they decided he couldn't have it. But her eldest and my eldest could play board games. Pisses me off, you don't take things from him, you don't treat him like a baby... EVER... You come and get me. He's not stupid, he's autistic. I suspect I pissed off the hostess when I told her kid that mine wasn't retarded and could play the game and took it from him.... no loss, haven't been to there house in 2yrs for a reason.... but he got the game and I babysat him while he and her 2 younger played with it and later when it was just him.

Need to learn to stop stewing over things.