Friday, April 23, 2010

Paper Towel vs. Shamwow

Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks that you don't save energy by using a cleanable cloth rather than a small, disposable paper towel.

Granted, I use new-fiber Bounty half (1/3?) sheet paper towels rather than recycled ones because they are the best - absorbent, durable, and soft enough to sneeze into.  Plus they're made 14 miles from my house (I toured the factory), and have a neutral smell, unlike Viva which I had to remove from my kitchen for being too stinky near the food; Brawny rips holes in it, and Seventh Heaven is ok, but still not as durable so I use more of them.   So there. :P


steve said...

It's a good talk; I added her blog to my 100s to follow. Like the engineering+green combo.

westmacgregor said...

Thanks for sharing that. Like you've, I've long questioned the same issue (the paper towel issue, that is). This was delightfully informative.