Monday, April 5, 2010

All the Frills Upon It

Easter in NYC is the time of year that makes one want to move there.  Somewhat like October tricks people into thinking that New England is the best place ever, April in NYC was just wonderful.  Maybe it was meeting up with friends from MA, DC, TX, MD, and NY.  Maybe it was the new green of the leaves, not yet darkened with heavy chlorophyll.  Maybe it's the flowering trees or the warmth that's enough to ditch the jacket but not vaporize the scent of garbage.  Maybe it was waffles and bagels and strawberries cheaper than I can get them here. ("Here" is where strawberries come from, btw.) Maybe it's the Easter Parade down 5th Avenue with a Magnolia cupcake looking at men in morning jackets with tails and girls with flower petal dresses or butterfly hats.  Maybe it's my senses being taken in with professional shows on and off Broadway.  Maybe it's finding everything I need in a walk around the neighborhood.  Despite some blight from weirdness at the hotel (hot water would be nice...), the whole weekend was wonderful and made me want to move to NY.  Of course, my friends from DC, MA, TX, and MD would not be there, and neither would my job or my newly paid off car, and it would snow then get dirty.  But April.  Awesome.


westmacgregor said...

What you need is a "spring home". Much like people have summer homes (or here in AZ, winter homes), you need a spring home in NYC. You could go there for April and May, enjoy the weather, and then retreat back home before the novelty wears off.

My musings said...

Did you manage to try the Banana Pudding at Magnolia? Their cupcakes are soo overrated, IMO, but the pudding? Crimes have been committed over it ;-)