Friday, November 13, 2009

Busy Beaver

This week is crazy, but good. Have I ever been this organized before? Perhaps not. The blitz like nature of the trip is forcing me to organize, which is a good thing.
The Schedule:

Day, Time Activity
Monday Work
Monday PM Pack for Training class
Tuesday Noon Drop Car off at dealer for warranty service and non-warranty clutch replacement
Tuesday PM take shuttle to plane, fly to San Jose
Wednesday take excellent AVS class on Reactive Sputter Deposition
Wednesday PM take taxi to plane, fly to Burbank
Wednesday night sleep like a log
Thursday work & hammer out Boston schedule
Thursday PM pack for Boston
Friday work; print out paperwork for trip
Friday PM drive to LAX, catch red-eye to Boston
Saturday AM gracious friend picking me up from airport
Saturday noon wake up from nap, meet friend for historical walk
Saturday dinner Mmmm… Beer….Food…CBC
Saturday PM Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Sunday noon Brunch with friends. I love brunch.
Saturday afternoon Harry Potter at the Science Museum
Saturday PM Valet of the Dolls Drag Queen Theatre, and dinner
Monday noon Lunch with friends
Monday afternoon Tour east coast work facility
Monday evening Ride T back to airport with friend
Monday midnight Fly into LAX, drive home


MarciaBC said...

My Boston area friend loved the Harry Potter exhibit. Have a great trip(s).

CrankyOtter said...

So, the only part of the schedule I haven't done so far is the harry potter bit. Brunch required a wait, then we just went shopping at the garment district. With a group of people trying on weird stuff, it's pretty fun. And there were stretchy pants.

This is my first use of wireless from my new netbook, whee!

Anonymous said...

Ok, CrankyOtter here, and damn am I cranky. On the plane, they put the headphone jack on the inside of the armrest and I'd just started listening when I shifted my legs and snapped it clean off. no more headphones for moi. Damn.

So I went to use my 'puter, and plugged it in, but noticed it was leaking power. Turns out my outlet wasn't supplying power. (And my flight attendant couldn't possibly care less, although she did direct me to an open row of seating so I also no longer have to sit behind the guy who thinks that if he keeps bashing the seat backward it'll somehow lay down even more than the obnoxious amount it was already laid back).

I drank some water to get less cranky (and, for the completness, some absinthe). It seems to have worked. I'm still annoyed, but not so much that anyone's in mortal danger from me. The power outlet in the new seat works and I'm using the free, unsecured wifi (thanks google) on my flight home.

But I don't know what the status of my antivirus situation is, so I don't want to log in to anything at the moment. I tried to research antivirus software for a short while, but I went to to do it and it crashed my Firefox, twice. So I'm deferring that decision for yet another day. I do need something, but as long as it meets some basic threshold and is less than about $20 a year, I'll take it. But damned if I know what that basic threshold is, nor do I care. I just want the computer to work without much fuss on my part. Is that so wrong?